А company specializing in solving challenges in the retail sphere


  • Developing mobile apps;
  • Introducing new products and technologies;
  • Making business models successful in existing market environment.


To companies involved in retail:

  • brands,
  • distributors,
  • retail and wholesale stores.


Increase sales
Increase brand awareness
Digital transformation of physical stores
Strengthening customer and employee loyalty
Optimization of business processes

VALFOR mission is to make the purchasing process faster, handier and more valuable.


Individual and integrated approach.

Prior to the official start of cooperation, we make sure that our potential partners set ambitious goals, assign strategic tasks for mobile development and are willing to be competitive in the omnichannel world.

From “Customer-Contractor” to “Partner-Partner”.

We focus on long-term cooperation and gradual expansion of the service matrix provided. Thanks to the analysis of the global retail industry, we are ready to enrich our cooperation with information, ideas and proposals that go beyond the scope of the work you pay for.

Kaizen (improvement) from stage to stage.

We quickly find and remove obstacles that can shift the app release date, affect the quality of the product being developed or the course of further cooperation.

The mobile application is not a goal in itself.

Development starts with thorough study of current processes of the company, creating mobile strategy and approval of the future product KPIs.

«Start-up» mindset.

We are convinced that companies become innovative by changing their mindset. Rapid response to changing customer desires and behaviors in the shopping process becomes possible due to:
  • Communication with the target audience;
  • Customer development;
  • Ability to quickly learn from mistakes and test hypotheses using HADI cycles;
  • Processes improvement that help move faster.

Attention to details.

Each company specialist realizes that some details may not be obvious for users, but they form a correct perception of the product as a whole. Design elements, accurate prices that match the terms and conditions of promo offers, variable discount on distinct brands or products when using an electronic loyalty card – these tiny details require a lot of attention.

Responsible approach to Product development.

Besides considering strategic tasks of our partners, we study user feedback, communicate with the target audience live and make use of analytical data.


During development, we invite our partners to remote retrospectives with the team for joint discussion of the results, bottlenecks and planning for the next stage. With VALFOR, you pay for the result.

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